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Are you currently in a job or profession which you feel doesn't extend you enough, or play to your personal attributes? Perhaps you commute long distances daily and long to be in greater control of your diary? Or maybe you long for a career that gives you more interaction with a varied range of people? If you have asked yourself these questions on numerous occasions, then perhaps you should consider retraining as an Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I.). Since 1990 1st Class Driver Training have helped many people train to become instructors - some going on to join us - with others going on to establish their own companies. (Details available on request) Over the years 1st Class Driver Training has built up a good reputation with supervising examiners when presenting candidates for Part 2 and 3 examinations

As well as instructor training, 1st Class Driver Training can also provide continued training for ADIs working towards the Standars Check or reaching the required standard to avoid removal from ADI Register

As our roads become busier with traffic and consequently road systems are changed to reflect this, the role of the ADI has become increasingly more demanding; the hours can be long and unsociable as you will have to fit training around your customers' schedules, but the career of an ADI can be very rewarding in many ways - a good instructor can earn in excess of £40k per annum.

You will be required to demonstrate:

To begin training for a new career as a driving instructor you will need:

Qualifying as an ADI

To become a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor you will need to take and pass three separate exams within a two year period:

Part One - Theory test
Part Two - Driving test
Part Three - Instructional ability test

1st Class Driver Training will prepare you thoroughly for each stage of the qualifying process, offering:

We realise that training for a new career can be difficult to fit around your current occupation. At 1st Class Driver Training flexibility is key in order to accommodate irregular hours. We are able to offer training six days a week, Mon - Sat, from 7am to 8pm. While training, if necessary, a trainee licence can be obtained with our school to help you qualify and even leading onto working full time for us when qualified.

Upon qualifying we can also advise on accounting procedures, setting up your own business and continuing your professional development as an instructor.

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