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Practical Driving Test

When the day of your test arrives, you will require enough time to drive to the test centre (usually in your instructor's car), mix up as many differing road conditions, and practice each of the required manoeuvres. Due to the limited choice in test centres this will require a minimum lesson time of one and a half hours. At the start of the test, the examiner will ask if you wish your instructor to be present during the test and for the post-test debrief.

The test will on average take forty minutes and require the candidate to demonstrate to the examiner:

To be successful in the Practical Test you are allowed no more than 15 driving faults on your Driving Test Report sheet. More than 15 faults or one serious or dangerous fault recorded will result in an unsuccessful test. In the event of being unsuccessful you will be given feedback from the examiner so that you and your instructor can work on the areas of your driving that need addressing.

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1st hour charged at £5 (beginners only), thereafter only £26 per hour

10 hours (11th hour free) £260

20 hours (A saving of £47) £473

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