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At 1st Class Driver Training we are fully committed to getting you through your taxi/private hire test first time and how important a step this is to you in your new career. We have a strong reputation among examiners and taxi company owners for preparing candidates to be at the high standards required. Since the change in regulations that has meant potential taxi/private hire drivers must take and pass a Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) assessment - we have been proud to be associated with and used by local companies through recommendations from Brighton and Hove City Council. To date we have helped more than 30 people from one Brighton-based taxi company pass their private hire test - with all but one passing first time.

On the initial appointment, our instructors will assess your driving in a range of road conditions and give you constructive feedback on how to adjust certain areas that may need addressing - over the years a qualified driver can pick up a range of bad habits that detract from his or her driving ability. Appointments can be conducted in one of our company cars, or if preferred, in your own vehicle, subject to an inspection.

The Taxi/Private Hire test

The test will last on average 40 minutes and to be successful you must accumulate no more than 9 recorded driving faults (10 or more or any serious or dangerous faults will mean an unsuccessful result)

The aims of test are to evaluate the driving practices of a full licence holder, with a specific emphasis on confident, responsible and safe driving - remember that you will be representing a professional driving organisation (licensed by the City council) and many of your customers may be anxious passengers. The DVSA test can be booked online here, Book Test

During the test you will be expected to:

The end of the taxi/private hire test

When you pass the practical test you will be offered a debrief of your drive, a copy of your test sheet, together with the pass certificate (form TPH10) If you are unsuccessful you will be given the offer of a debrief, together with advice on which areas you need to address, as well as a copy of your test.There is no limit at present on the number of times you can attempt the test. The test will last 40 minutes.

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