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Pass Plus

So you’ve passed your test! What’s next? You may want to consider Pass Plus – this is a six hour module (which is usually completed over three sessions with your instructor), devised to develop the skills you have learnt prior to the Practical test, increasing your confidence and competence in the following areas:

  • Town/urban driving
  • Countryside driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways
  • Night driving
  • All-weather driving

On completing the Pass Plus course you will be issued with a certificate by the Driving Standards Agency which can help you obtain up to 30 % discount on car insurance.

Refresher Courses

These are designed for the qualified driver who needs to restore their driving skills, augment their road knowledge and enjoy driving again.

Do I need to do this?

Perhaps you have:

  • Passed your driving test several years ago and have not needed/had the opportunity to drive since.
  • Been prevented from driving due to health conditions or an accident has maybe affected your confidence.
  • Driven previously overseas and are now resident in the U.K. and require training in the differing types of road systems, as well as becoming accustomed to driving on the left side of the road.

If you feel the above points reflect your situation then 1st Class Driver Training can help – appointments can be booked individually or as a package specific to your requirements.

Tuition can be offered initially in our dual controlled cars, then if you require, in your own vehicle. After an initial consultation, our instructors will structure lessons specifically to reflect and address areas of your driving that may cause anxiety, such as:

  • Hill starts
  • Busy rush hour traffic
  • Narrow residential roads.
  • Reversing into tight spaces.
  • Busy roundabouts and junctions.
  • Fast roads (dual carriageways/motorways).
  • Night driving.
  • Country roads

As well as the above we can focus on specific journeys you may have to undertake – for example, to or from work – to help familiarise you with a route.

We will work hard with you to instill confidence and foster independence in your driving.

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Taxi / Private Hire Training

At 1st Class Driver Training we are fully committed to getting you through your taxi/private hire test first time and how important a step this is to you in your new career. We have a strong reputation among examiners and taxi company owners for preparing candidates to be at the high standards required. Since the change in regulations that has meant potential taxi/private hire drivers must take and pass a Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) assessment – we have been proud to be associated with and used by local companies through recommendations from Brighton and Hove City Council. To date we have helped more than 30 people from one Brighton-based taxi company pass their private hire test – with all but one passing first time.

On the initial appointment, our instructors will assess your driving in a range of road conditions and give you constructive feedback on how to adjust certain areas that may need addressing – over the years a qualified driver can pick up a range of bad habits that detract from his or her driving ability. Appointments can be conducted in one of our company cars, or if preferred, in your own vehicle, subject to an inspection.

The Taxi/Private Hire test

The test will last on average 40 minutes and to be successful you must accumulate no more than 9 recorded driving faults (10 or more or any serious or dangerous faults will mean an unsuccessful result)

The aims of test are to evaluate the driving practices of a full licence holder, with a specific emphasis on confident, responsible and safe driving – remember that you will be representing a professional driving organisation (licensed by the City council) and many of your customers may be anxious passengers. The DVSA test can be booked online here, Book Test

During the test you will be expected to:

  • Read a registration plate from a distance of 20 metres – with the use of glasses or contact lenses if you wear them.
  • Carry out two manoeuvres (one of which will be your own choice depending on road conditions) in a safe and controlled manner with good observation and consideration for other road users and pedestrians.
  • Stop on the left side of the road on a number of occasions in a safe and convenient place, with specific emphasis on passenger safety.
  • Demonstrate a good all round awareness of other road users, plan well ahead and anticipate the actions of others.
  • Comply with the road signs and markings and show good judgement when overtaking, meeting and crossing the path of oncoming vehicles.
  • Undertake independent driving and Sat Nav knowledge for a period of 20 minutes
  • Answer several questions on The Highway Code, identify some traffic signs, as well as general cabology (cab-related topics such as correct tyre pressures, your main responsibilities, licence requirements, lost property procedures, etc.)

The end of the taxi/private hire test

When you pass the practical test you will be offered a debrief of your drive, a copy of your test sheet, together with the pass certificate (form TPH10) If you are unsuccessful you will be given the offer of a debrief, together with advice on which areas you need to address, as well as a copy of your test.There is no limit at present on the number of times you can attempt the test. The test will last 40 minutes.

Private Hire – Hackney Carriage Assessment

All you need to know about the DVSA’s taxi assessment services. Click on the image below.

private hire - hackney carriageway assessment

Advanced / Corporate Driving

1st Class Driver Training has been conducting advanced/defensive driving and corporate driving courses since 1990. These are aimed at individuals (and companies) who feel they want to increase their awareness and driving techniques beyond the practical driving test, improve their overall skills and be able to drive in a competent and confident manner.

This course looks at improving the individual components that make up a safe and competent driver and is tailored to preparing candidates looking to take the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Advanced Driving Test. The Advanced Driving Test lasts approximately 90 minutes and will cover a distance of between 30/40 miles comprising a variety of road conditions: town/city, country roads, dual carriageways and motorways (where available).

Throughout the drive the examiner will assess the candidate on the following areas:

  • How safe their driving is, taking into consideration good forward planning, avoiding an anxious ride for passengers and being considerate to other road users.
  • Using a good system of car control which should not result in taking risks and approaching hazards in a methodical and safe manner. This car control should be smooth and efficient and executed in a coordinated way as to increase fuel economy and enhance the quality of the journey for the driver and any passengers.
  • Making good progress where road and traffic conditions allow – using speed where it is safe to do so, not driving unnecessarily fast to attain a speed limit.
  • Exercising good judgement and restraint in recognising potential and developing hazards, avoiding potential danger and giving the correct behaviour to your passengers and other road users.

For those who do not wish to take another test, but are looking to augment their skills, awareness and planning as a driver (especially if your job involves a lot of annual mileage), the defensive driving course will extend you in these areas.

Corporate Driving

Does your company need driver training?

If your company is looking to:

  • Lower the cost of your insurance premiums.
  • Reduce the number of accidents involving your employees.
  • Aiming to improve the fuel economy and wear and tear on your company vehicles.

Then perhaps you would benefit from a tailor-made defensive driving course.

Why do driver training?

As an employer you have a responsibility, under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) to ensure the well being of all employees whilst at work. By undertaking a driver training course your company’s brand image will be enhanced together with the morale among staff increasing as they feel more valued and protected. Upon completion of our driver training course you will be issued with a written appraisal certificate, suitable for insurance purposes.

Instructor Training

Are you currently in a job or profession which you feel doesn’t extend you enough, or play to your personal attributes? Perhaps you commute long distances daily and long to be in greater control of your diary? Or maybe you long for a career that gives you more interaction with a varied range of people? If you have asked yourself these questions on numerous occasions, then perhaps you should consider retraining as an Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I.). Since 1990 1st Class Driver Training have helped many people train to become instructors – some going on to join us – with others going on to establish their own companies. (Details available on request) Over the years 1st Class Driver Training has built up a good reputation with supervising examiners when presenting candidates for Part 2 and 3 examinations

As well as instructor training, 1st Class Driver Training can also provide continued training for ADIs working towards the Standards Check or reaching the required standard to avoid removal from ADI Register.

As our roads become busier with traffic and consequently road systems are changed to reflect this, the role of the ADI has become increasingly more demanding; the hours can be long and unsociable as you will have to fit training around your customers’ schedules, but the career of an ADI can be very rewarding in many ways – a good instructor can earn in excess of £40k per annum.

You will be required to demonstrate:

  • A high standard of driving and clarity in your instructional ability
  • A thorough regard towards road safety and maintain a professional approach to your customers
  • A good ability to adapt to different people and demonstrate patience and understanding in your training methods

To begin training for a new career as a driving instructor you will need:

  • To have held a full UK or EU/EEA driving licence for a minimum of three years and be aged 21 or over (with no serious offences or disqualifications) – although any prior motoring and non motoring convictions will be taken into account by the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) when your application to join the Register is submitted
  • To undergo a full criminal record check when applying to become a Potential Driving Instructor (P.D.I.)

Qualifying as an ADI

To become a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor you will need to take and pass three separate exams within a two year period:

Part One – Theory test
Part Two – Driving test
Part Three – Instructional ability test

1st Class Driver Training will prepare you thoroughly for each stage of the qualifying process, offering:

  • Multiple choice question section exams conducted to help prepare candidate for Part One exam. Real-time hazard perception training done in-car as well as practice conducted on computer
  • One-to-one tuition mock testing with another instructor prior to the Part Two test.
  • Audio/Visual training resources and specific role-playing scenarios working towards the Part Three examination.
  • The invaluable opportunity to sit in on actual lessons and observe the core competencies, instructional techniques and instructor characteristics on which you will be assessed on the Part Three

We realise that training for a new career can be difficult to fit around your current occupation. At 1st Class Driver Training flexibility is key in order to accommodate irregular hours. We are able to offer training six days a week, Mon – Sat, from 7am to 8pm. While training, if necessary, a trainee licence can be obtained with our school to help you qualify and even leading onto working full time for us when qualified.

Upon qualifying we can also advise on accounting procedures, setting up your own business and continuing your professional development as an instructor.